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Phil Karsgaard

Philip studied Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Edinburgh, in the course of the degree becoming a staff member of the Tell Jezreel Project, then jointly run by the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem and the University of Tel Aviv.  This started his engagement with the archaeology of South-West Asia as an excavator and surveyor.  He has supervised excavations at a wide variety of prehistoric and historic sites in Jordan, Turkey and Syria, including the University of Sydney’s projects at Pella and Teleilat Ghassul in Jordan, and acting as Field Director for the Gharandal Archaeological Project which investigated the Justinian triple-apsed cathedral in southern Jordan, its Nabatean temple precursor and later post-mediaeval transformations after the Islamic Conquest.  He supervised areas in the University of Edinburgh excavations at Tell Jerablus Tahtani, Syria and the University of Cambridge research project at Tell Brak, Syria, where he was also involved in the Tell Brak Sustaining Area Survey.  He conducted the suburban survey of Tell Brak with Jason Ur of the University of Harvard, the results of which were later published in Science.

Philip has also had extensive experience in developer-lead and commercial archaeology in the UK, including in major national infrastructure projects, from initial walk-over surveys to evaluations, full excavation and subsequent reporting.  He acted as supervisor and project archaeologist for Headland Archaeology on a range of sites, including the full excavation of a wood-trough Burnt Mound, Iron Age roundhouses, and platform settlements. Since joining Addyman Archaeology in 2016 he has supervised excavations in Edinburgh, Stirling and on sites in England and is increasingly involved in the historic building recording Addman Archaeology undertakes.